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Review: Canadian Assault
Zine Review
Canadian Assault
Author: Dale Roy
Issue #: 7
Year published: 2002


Web site:
Postal address:

Canadian Assault Zine
c/o Dale Roy
8687 Jones Road
Slatington, PA. 18080
Price: US $3-USA / US $5-World

Review online: January 24, 2003
Reviewed by: Michel Renaud
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Canadian Assault

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Another mighty issue from that crazy expatriated Canadian, Dale Roy. For some reason I forgot to review issue #6, but you should get it too. Canadian Assault is mandatory reading for metalheads with guts who are not easily offended, because "censorship" is not in Dale's vocabulary, and he tells it like it is, much to the dismay of some trendy labels/bands out there. Again packed with reviews (long format, and also "Rapid fire" reviews, which are more of the short and sweet variety. Lots of reviews, but still an enormous amount of in-depth interviews that will keep you busy for hours: Deeds of Flesh, Grand Belial's Key (a must read!), Witchburner/Iron Bonehead Records, Painiac Records, Nunslaughter (long!) and Blasphemy. OK, not such a long list of bands this time, but the interviews are pretty long and take up a lot of room!

Reviews included everything from "big label" stuff to vinyl, demos and fanzines (more like a list of contact here.) Stealing quite a bit of space here is a "Ranting and Raving Hate Roundtable Discussion", where Dale chats with some friends of the metal scene about various subjects - ranging from funny to very serious, to dillusional and, as with any roundtable, some misinformed stuff. :) This roundtable was only partly interesting for me and I felt it could have been cut in half to leave room for maybe another interview? Anyway, your mileage may vary, this is diversified enough that every reader will have a separate opinion on this. Once again some "Killer Quotes" where people in the metal scene are quoted in statements that range from the "hell yeah!" to the "what a fucking dumbass" variety… hehehe Always an entertaining read.

Surely I'm missing some stuff, but this is the bulk of it. Half-page format, but a good number of pages and not a square centimeter of space wasted, so you're getting a lot more than your money's worth, trust me on this one. Buy this issue and any back-issue that Dale may have left, you won't regret it. Also check his fanzine distro on his website where you'll find some killer underground fanzines. OK I'm done.

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