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Review: Pestilence - Doctrine

Label: Mascot Records
Year released: 2011
Duration: 39:17
Tracks: 11
Genre: Death Metal


Review online: August 26, 2011
Reviewed by: Sargon the Terrible
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Rated 4.13/5 (82.57%) (70 Votes)

I was one of the people who actually liked Pestilence's comeback album Resurrection Macabre. It wasn't the equal of their classic works like Consvming Impvlse, but it was a decent assault of Death/Thrash that I enjoyed. A lot of people seem to hate that album, and this one. You have to be careful of some Pestilence fanboys, because there are plenty who only liked Spheres and just want this band to be another Cynic or a similar prog/jazz abomination.

This is technical, but it falls far short of the kind of density and punch of bands like Origin or Decrepit Birth. The recording is oddly flat, without much depth, and the guitar sound has too many damned effects on it. The compositions are simplistic even if the actual riffs and performances are not, which makes for an odd combination. Patrick Mameli's vocals are the worst they have ever been, riding a one-note screamo yap through the whole album to the point where you want someone to shoot him. His vocals are also mixed way too upfront, so they overwhelm what there is to hear on this disc. When Pestilence hit the staccato thrashy riffing they are good at and lean on it they do pretty good, and manage some visceral moments, but overall this album is just irritating.

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