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Review: The Devin Townsend Project - Deconstruction
The Devin Townsend Project

Label: HevyDevy Records
Year released: 2011
Duration: 70:40
Tracks: 9
Genre: Progressive Metal


Review online: December 11, 2011
Reviewed by: Christopher Foley
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Rated 4.06/5 (81.18%) (17 Votes)

Love him or hate him, the bastard has done it again! How do 70 minutes of preposterous, schizophrenic, technically sautéed progressive metal sound to you? Care to find out the true nature of reality? How about a cheeseburger? Well read on.

Devin is back, armed with more guest vocalists and musicians than you can shake a stick at, boasting his heaviest release since the SYL days. A jarring mess of insanity and genius, as absurd as it is brilliant; Deconstruction is a ludicrous voyage through Devin's more aggressive writing style. The album is so over the top and shows almost no constraint at all, but I can't help but completely love it.

If you've ever loved Devin Townsend's music (particularly the heavier stuff) then chances are you're going to love this. Furious bursts of technicality that would have your average bedroom shredder flat-lining, wacky time-signatures, chugging riffs, obstinate drum work; Deconstruction hits you straight in the nards with overwhelming complexity. Getting a slight niggle out of the way first, I will say the first 10 minutes or so feel like a prolonged intro, which does hurt the score ever so slightly. I normally start from "Stand", which builds stoically into a numbing riff-set, largely mid-paced.

"Juular" steps the pace right up, with a smoking riff. Devin sounds excellent and we have a nice guest slot from Ihsahn. The choirs begin to be a lot more noticeable from this point onward, giving a symphonic edge – I like how in places they're used to rhythmical effect. "Planet of the Apes" is like Meshuggah on acid, with a shit-load of catchy vocal passages, a definite standout of the release. Other standouts would include "Summeria" with its stunning opening choir and relenting riffage, and "Pandemic" with its blast-you-into-dust approach. Special mention goes to the title track, without a doubt the goofiest track on the album (good lord, it's a cheeseburger!) yet probably the finest. This is one of the most eccentric tracks I've ever listened to, a convoluted attack on the senses that verges on genius.

I feel Deconstruction is a first rate release, and when coupled with Ghost makes for an excellent listening session. The album certainly gets my recommendation, especially to fans of progressive metal with cravings for all things odd-ball and extreme, as well as Devin Townsend fans (obviously). Of course those who don't care for the man's work can give this a firm miss.

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