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Review: Entombed - Morning Star
Morning Star

Label: Music For Nations
Year released: 2002
Duration: 36:53
Tracks: 12
Genre: Death Metal


Review online: March 10, 2003
Reviewed by: Sargon the Terrible
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Rated 4.05/5 (81.05%) (19 Votes)

After the superlative "Clandestine" Entombed left death metal behind for a slighty punky, Slayerish style, and some people have never forgiven them for it. After the extremely bad press for 2000’s "Uprising" and even worse for 98’s "Same Difference" Entombed needed a kick-ass album to get their own back. Good for them they had it in them for "Morning Star", their seventh full-length release.

Now "Morning Star" isn’t another "Left Hand Path", but it is a pretty damned good CD. The opening track "Chief Rebel Angel" crunches forth in fine Entombed style with headbanging riffs and LG Petrov’s furious howl belting out the memorable chorus. This is a great song, and it’s a pity the album can’t keep on like this, but none of the rest of the album is quite as good. There are some other good cuts, "I For an Eye" has a good riff, as does "Fractures" and "When It Hits Home" has a great stomping rhythm and a cool chorus, but a lot of the rest of this album kind of runs together. It’s all extremely visceral and pissed-off, and enjoyable while it’s playing, but little of it sticks after the disc is over.

The CD package is very cool, with some kick-ass art by guitarist Alex Hellid that resembles medieval stained glass. The band photo with the ‘satanmobile’ is pretty funny, and the lyrics are included. The lyrics for "When It Hits Home" are a riot, but the rest are pretty standard punk-social-commentary rants (with the exception of "Chief Rebel Angel"). They’re OK, but not really my thing. They do better when they stick to hollering about Satan.

This is a pretty good Slayer-esque post-thrash record, the opening song is close to a classic, but the band can’t keep the momentum. As a whole it’s well-played and decently produced, and extremely hateful and angry. Bottom line: if you have hated everything since "Clandestine" you should probably stay away from this, but if you don’t mind the later Entombed stuff pick this up, because it’s well worth a spin.

Standouts: Chief Rebel Angel, Fractures, When It Hits Home.

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