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Review: Martelo Negro - Sortilegio Dos Mortos
Martelo Negro
Sortilegio Dos Mortos

Label: Necrosymphonic Entertainment
Year released: 2011
Duration: 42:45
Tracks: 14
Genre: Black/Death

Rating: 1/5

Review online: June 9, 2012
Reviewed by: Christopher Foley
Readers Rating
Sortilegio Dos Mortos

Rated 3.61/5 (72.22%) (18 Votes)

This band are fairly underground and I had a difficult time finding information about them on the internet (in the end it turns out that bloody iTunes thought the band were called Mortelo Negro, not Martelo and I couldn't tell if their logo was an ‘a' or an ‘o'). Even the CD itself is quite minimalistic, no lyrics, pictures and only slightest in the way of band info, that being monikers for the members. Martelo Negro play a cross breed of black, death, a punk, although I don't think anyone told them which parts to breed.

It's a fucking good job this album is so underground, and I can nigh on guarantee it will remain that way. I'll tell you why, it's simple and you probably guessed it, this blows. Firstly are the vocals which are quite frankly piss-poor, comparing the singer to an inebriated goblin would actually be doing a service to this ear-offending voice. Next up are the riffs, damn. Dull. As. Fuck. Using a fuzzy low end tone doesn't make these poor excuses for riffs any better either, in fact it makes them worse as it just sounds like a poor man's Swedish death metal or better still, machinery breaking down. Bass? Non-existent, and as for the drums; a tinny mess.

If you haven't already moved on to the next review, you're probably thinking "Come on, there must be some redeeming factor", and you would be marginally right in thinking that. The band actually manage to form the semblance of a good song in "Thromenthor - Into The Death" but by the time I've had to resort to banging my head against the wall for the first seven tracks anything is going to sound good. The lead guitar work is also surprisingly decent, but really I'm clutching at straws here, fuck this album.

Sortilegio Dos Mortos is limited to 500 copies, and if I was rich, and I nicer guy I would buy all the copies of this so no one would have to endure the pain I have. Although in all fairness, if you're stupid enough to buy this, then you deserve what you get. Heed my words people, this is not good music, or even music for that matter. This isn't worthy of being a coaster, this isn't worthy of being a Frisbee, and once I remove this from my disc drive I'm flinging it as far out the window as possible. Actually I'll probably keep this, only 500 of these made, could be rare one day.

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