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Review: Paradise Lost (USA) - Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost (USA)
Paradise Lost

Label: Gold Dust Records
Year released: 1989
Duration: 46:24
Tracks: 11
Genre: Heavy Metal


Review online: March 22, 2003
Reviewed by: Sargon the Terrible
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Rated 3.8/5 (76%) (5 Votes)

No, not THAT Paradise Lost. This is as obscure as an album gets. I know very little about this band, and I don’t believe they ever released another CD after this. If they did I’m sure they changed their name in order not to conflict with their better-known namesake. (This was 1989, before the doomdeath Paradise Lost took off.) This is not a really ‘metal’ album, but it has a metal feel and some very cool songs.

While not tremendously heavy, these are guitar-driven songs with a kind of epic feel accentuated by some background keyboards and good vocals. The general approach is reminiscent of a hard rock sound, without straying into butt rock territory at all. Songs like "Scheme of Things", "Shelter" and "Dark Horse" show off good songwriting and beautiful vocal lines that stick in your head. "Light The Dark Sky" is a real epic, starting out acoustic and then swelling up for the big chorus. "Dream of Love" is an all acoustic ballad, that is normally not my thing but has great lyrics and a captivating vocal melody. "Ashes and Gold" is another mid-paced song with a catchy chorus that sounds very similar to "Shelter".

They really should have stopped after that, but unfortunately they kept going with four more tracks. "Cities in the Night" isn’t so bad, just dull. But "On My Way Back Home" is really a snoozer, and "Riding Elevators", with its screamy, pitch-shifted chorus, is almost unlistenable. "In The End" rounds out the album with 3 minutes of keyboards and muttering. Snore.

This is not a lost classic, but it does have some very cool songs on it that you’ll be singing long after the album is done. The CD has a nifty Maxfield Parrish-inspired cover with the lyrics included – and the lyrics are pretty damned good. The liner notes contain all the info about the band you are ever likely to get, which isn’t much. The production is OK, but lacks punch, and has the sound of an indie recording. This was recorded for Gold Dust records, but apparently released by MCA, so I think it was an indie. I like the first half of this CD a lot, and if you like melodic songs with great hooks you will too. If you run across it, pick it up.

Best Tracks: Shelter, Dark Horse, Dream of Love.

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