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Review: Eden's Curse - Symphony Of Sin
Eden's Curse
Symphony Of Sin

Label: AFM Records
Year released: 2013
Duration: 1:07:02
Tracks: 13
Genre: Melodic Heavy Metal


Review online: October 14, 2013
Reviewed by: Christopher Foley
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Rated 3.5/5 (70%) (10 Votes)

The last release from UK-based melodic metallers Eden's Curse was certainly an accomplished album, and definitely what I'd class as their finest moment. Unfortunately after the release of Trinity singer Michael Eden would leave the band, and for a short spell Michael was replaced with Marco Sandron, who you might have heard in Pathosray or Fairyland. With Marco in tow Eden's Curse put out the excellent track "Time To Breathe" which left me feeling optimistic about the band's future. Sadly it wasn't meant to be, and things didn't work out with Marco (although I'm not entirely sure as to why). For their fourth full-length Symphony Of Sin Eden's Curse enlisted the vocal talents of Alogia singer Nikola Miji?, and filling in the vacant keyboardist spot is former Power Quest main man Steve Williams, whose inclusion certainly stirred up some expectation.

With the opening title track Eden's Curse re-establish their sound with the new line-up, and the longest number they've recorded to date. Familiar ground is tread throughout, although I'd say Steve Williams' keyboards give this a little more of a power metal pedigree than before. Nikola's vocals aren't too far away from Michael's, although I'd say Nikola's tone and approach is more in touch with the likes of Swedish hard rock exports H.E.A.T. or modern day Tobias Sammet, as opposed to Michael's more AOR sensible approach. If you pushed the question I'd probably give the edge to Nikola on singing talents alone, while I'd definitely say Michael had a better approach and stronger vocal lines. That isn't to say Nikola doesn't have some good vocal lines here, but there's nothing to match the quality of songs such as "No Holy Man" or "Jerusalem Sleeps".

For the most part this isn't too far away from what they were doing on the last album, although I definitely think there's an increase in the hard rock elements, largely thanks to Nikola's vocal performance. There are a few tracks in particular which are blatantly obvious in their hard rock approach, utilizing a tried and true formula that you've heard in everyone from Whitesnake to Hardline. Whilst this element has always been present in the Eden's Curse sound, they used to do it in a far more intelligent manner. Listening to tracks such as "Rock Bottom", "Turn The Page" and "Unbreakable" certainly backs up how I feel. These songs come across as relatively predictable and palpable in their melodic approach, although admittedly I do enjoy "Unbreakable" a fair bit despite its clichéd and saccharine intro which wouldn't feel out of place on an eighties pop metal album.

Taking the weaker tracks out of the equation the rest of Symphony Of Sin stands tall, Thorsten Köhne and Steve Williams certainly show some promising chemistry with Thorsten's riffs being largely enjoyable throughout, blending a post-Hellfire Club Edguy approach with some Rage For Order-era Queensrÿche. As I stated earlier Steve's keys dish out a fair bit in the way of power metal pedigree, and backing the rest of the guys up is the rhythm section of Paul Logue and Pete Newdeck who further add power metal elements in terms of driving rhythms, thumping bass and some double kicked sections. Numbers such as the title track, "Evil & Devine", "Losing My Faith" and "Devil In Disguise" show Symphony Of Sin in its best light, featuring everything Eden's Curse do well.

On the whole I think Eden's Curse have done a pretty good job on their fourth full-length. I do feel the album is a little too long and it certainly isn't without its flaws, but for the most part Symphony Of Sin is enjoyable. I'm a little disappointed "Time To Breathe" didn't feature on the album, and ideally I would have liked the band to keep a little more in touch with said track, which certainly sounded like the logical continuation of Trinity. Nonetheless it's great to hear these guys active and hopefully they'll go on to do more with this line-up - there's definitely a lot of potential on show. In the meantime Symphony Of Sin is a solid listen, and certainly recommended it to fans of Edguy, Eclipse or even At Vance.

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