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Review: Monsterworks - Earth

Label: Casket Music
Year released: 2013
Duration: 41:34
Tracks: 8
Genre: Heavy/Death

Rating: 3.5/5

Review online: November 24, 2013
Reviewed by: MetalMike
Readers Rating

Rated 3.38/5 (67.5%) (8 Votes)

My first exposure to Monsterworks was through their EP Man::Instincts and I can't say I enjoyed it very much. Now, in 2013, we get the band's eight full-length, Earth, and my opinion has definitely changed. The music is still based on Traditional Metal songwriting and riffs and retains the trippy bent, similar to Warrior Soul, which was displayed on the EP. On Earth, however, the band not only fleshes out their sound but they diversify it, with everything from acoustic guitars all the way to Death Metal growls, while never losing focus. The lyrics concern the formation and history of the planet Earth, beginning with its coalescence from inter-stellar dust up through the evolution of man. It seems like a topic too expansive for one album, but Monsterworks handle it quite well. The show off their inner nerd by singing about topics such as the gradual oxygenation of Earth's atmosphere and how that spells the end of life for the resident anaerobic life forms (since I understand that, I guess you could say I retained at least one thing from college!)

Earth flows very well, in spite of the wide ranging styles, and when taken as a whole, is an engaging experience. I can't really imagine sitting down and listening to just one song, except maybe the aforementioned "Oxygenation," since it has a catchy, Pink Floyd melody and chorus, but that's just me; I really like the continuity of the album. Earth isn't likely going to be for everyone, drifting back and forth from Hard Rock to Death Metal in a sort of Progressive fashion, but I've heard bands cram lots of different styles and elements into a single album before and rarely do any of them achieve the level of success that Monsterworks has.

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