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Review: Mirzadeh - Desired Mythic Pride
Desired Mythic Pride

Label: Inverse Records
Year released: 2014
Duration: 45:01
Tracks: 10
Genre: Black Metal

Rating: 3.5/5

Review online: June 25, 2014
Reviewed by: Luxi Lahtinen
Readers Rating
Desired Mythic Pride

Rated 3.38/5 (67.5%) (8 Votes)

14 years is a relatively long time when trying to keep your head up in a vast sea filled with thousands and thousands of Metal bands, both old and new. 14 years is how long Finland's purveyors of all things dark, vile and black, Mirzadeh, have been flying the flag high in the name of melodic Black/Dark Metal.

It's been an incredible eight long years since Mirzadeh put out their previous album, The Creatures of Loviatar, on Firebox Records in 2006. That's a long time ago. However, Mirzadeh never went into hibernation but kept slowly breathing and making plans to attack for a third time. That time turned out to be the spring of 2014; the band's new album, Desired Mythic Pride, was released under the mystic moonlight.

Desired Mythic Pride is a pretty interesting combination of different sub-genres of Metal. It reminds me of the Karelian.../Tales...-era of Amorphis, ex-Amorphis vocalist Ruoja's disbanded Black Metal outfit Ajattara on the parts which are sung in Finnish, Finntroll, due to some folk elements, and even Eternal Tears of Sorrow. Mirzadeh not only blend these different influences together nicely but they also give them the "Mirzadeh treatment," so to speak, and have a sound that is uniquely their own. The three different vocal styles (snarly Black Metal vocals, Tomi Koivusaari-styled death growls as well as clean vocals, not unlike Tommi Salmela of Tarot) bless the album with even more musical diversity, which is a definite plus for Mirzadeh.

Mirzadeh have put together a solid Black/Dark Metal album that stands proudly on its own two feet. Get it.

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