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Review: Carnal Forge - Firedemon
Carnal Forge

Label: Century Media Records
Year released: 2000
Duration: ?
Tracks: 12
Genre: Death/Thrash

Rating: 4/5

Review online: May 20, 2001
Reviewed by: Christian Renner
Readers Rating

Rated 3.67/5 (73.33%) (6 Votes)

This is an album I was really looking forward to when I first placed the order online and I was not disappointed when that order came in.

Carnal Forge is a thrash/death metal band from of all places Sweden. Imagine that, a good metal band from Sweden. All joking aside this is a excellent album that is just loaded with great riffs to get a massive pit started and really above average leads for the guitar players among you. There are a lot of old school influences you can pick out of this the more you listen and analyze what you are hearing. There is definite Slayer and At the Gates influences that you can pick out rather easily just from the guitar sound alone.

And now for some of the things that can be changed to get the band to the next level. I am sure that all bands read reviews religiously and are just waiting on my opinion on how to make it really big in the music industry so this is more a public service than anything elseā€¦J. There are only two things that I would like to see changed. Number one I would like to see a little more variety in the vocal delivery. Jonas Kjellgren is an excellent vocalist for this style of music but I would like to see him change up the tone a little from one song to the next. He has a habit of singing the exact same way in every song and it does get monotonous after a while. Number two on the minor complaint list would have to be I would like to see a little more variety in the song structure. The songs on this album really start to mimic each other in how they are built (fast part, breakdown part, fast part, solo/breakdown part, and fast part). Like I said before though these are really minor complaints as the album is excellent.

Overall I would say this is an excellent album that I could recommend to anyone that is into thrash, black or death metal. It is absolutely a welcomed addition to my collection. In my opinion this band can become one of the leaders in the genre and a definite band to watch for in the future.

Track by track

Too much hell ain't enough for me -7.5
Covered with fire (I'm Hell) -8
I smell like death (son of a bastard) -9
Chained -8
Defacer -8
Pull the trigger -9
Uncontrollable -8
Firedemon -8
Cure of Blasphemy -8
Headfucker -9
The torture will never stop -7.5
A revel in violence -9


Vocals -8
Guitar -8.5
Bass -8
Drums -8.5
Production -9

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