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Review: Seasons of the Wolf - Lost In Hell
Seasons of the Wolf
Lost In Hell

Label: Earth Mother Music
Year released: 1999
Duration: 58:00
Tracks: 11
Genre: Heavy Metal

Rating: 4.25/5

Review online: June 1, 2003
Reviewed by: Sargon the Terrible
Readers Rating
Lost In Hell

Rated 3.47/5 (69.33%) (15 Votes)

Part two in the continuing saga of Seasons of the Wolf, "Lost in Hell" almost qualifies as a debut of sorts, as their first CD was short enough to be considered an EP. "Hell" clocks in at almost an hour of SOTW’s signature sound.

This band is so retro, it’s almost revolutionary. As I’ve said, SOTW mix in a lot of old Sabbath, some Blue Oyster Cult, and here and there even some more classic or prog-rock sounds like ELP or maybe Kansas. Now I do not by any stretch mean that to sound gay. The music at hand here is almost universally dark, with the unmistakable metal vibe to it, but it’s not likely to remind you of anything else that was recorded after, say, 1978. SOTW recall the glory days of rock/proto-metal. The days when Sabbath meant Ozzy and "Iron Man" and Rush was still playing cool shit like "Temples of Syrinx" (A tune I would love to hear SOTW cover, actually. That would rule.)

"Lost In Hell" is more varied and trippier than their debut or the following "Nocturnal Revelation" with cool tunes like "Interstellar" or the moody "Face in the Mist" mixed in with the direct metal attack of the title track or the ass-kicking "S.O.S." The last two tracks are a little lackluster, but only compared with the rest of the album. Other highlights are "Initiation" or the very cool "Communion"

The CD package is much better than the first one was, with gnarly cover art and very pro looking interior layout. Lyrics are included this time, and they aren’t bad at all. SOTW write extremely varied songs about a lot of different stuff, never sticking to the same subject two songs in a row. Here they spin tales of space travel, witch-hunting, voodoo and King Arthur, all in one album.

I have almost nothing but good stuff to say about this band. In an age of trends and labels and fads coming and going even in metal, a band that simultaneously goes back to metal’s roots while still bringing something new is a rare thing. Seasons of the Wolf are a very cool band, and "Lost In Hell" is a great album.

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