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Review: Mysterium - Soulwards

Label: Prophecy Productions
Year released: 2003
Duration: 55:18
Tracks: 8
Genre: Death Metal

Rating: 4/5

Review online: June 8, 2003
Reviewed by: Christian Renner
Readers Rating

Rated 2.67/5 (53.33%) (3 Votes)

This is the second album from this band out of Germany. I haven’t heard the debut album, "The Glowering Facades of Night", but if this album is an indication of what the debut was like I will certainly have to check it out.

The album starts out with what sounds like a vinyl album of a psychiatrist trying to hypnotize you while a very light piano piece is played over the top and then all of a sudden at the 1:40 mark it transfers into screams that give way to violins and keyboard effects. At this point I am thinking that this is another one of those albums that is going to take me a while to get used to but before I realize it track two kicks in and it is a full scale atmospheric melodic death metal assault. This is kind of hard to explain since I have never heard these two genre’s mixed. It has elements that remind me of Sentenced and then all of a sudden some heavy ass guitar riffs kick in and the growling vocals commence. The growling and clean vocals trade off throughout the album which really give this album a lot of depth. The overall songwriting is simply amazing how they are able to blend all this together and make it all seem so easy. Most of the songs are mid tempo but with all the atmospheric parts added by the keyboards and the heavy ass riffs along with some really good melody lines over the top of everything the album sounds heavier and even faster at times. I still cant believe that mixing these genre’s would have such a damn cool outcome.

Overall if someone would have tried to explain this to me I would have passed strictly because it sounds like there is no way that this can be pulled off effectively but Mysterium certainly succeeded and to say I am impressed would be an understatement. Even if you don’t think this is something you would like at least check out a song or two….I think you may be glad you did. Then again I could be wrong…heh Highly Recommended.

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