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Review: Massdistraction - Your Time
Your Time

Label: Independent
Year released: 2016
Duration: 45:55
Tracks: 11
Genre: Thrash Metal

Rating: 3.5/5

Review online: June 8, 2016
Reviewed by: Luxi Lahtinen
Readers Rating
Your Time

Rated 3.4/5 (68%) (5 Votes)

Starting out as Retribution (2007-2009), Swedish Thrash Metal patrol, Massdistraction, have recorded two full-length studio albums on their own, with their latest album, titled Your Time, featuring 11 songs of modern, partly Slayer-tinged Thrash Metal, spiced with some melodies à la the Gothenburg scene (Massdistraction comes from Malmö, Sweden though).

Massdistraction do a fine job of combining Thrash with this strongly Gothenburg-oozing melody, at times even reminding me of At The Gates here and there, but with a twist of their own. In fact, with Carl-Henrik's masculine grunts and a fine set of pretty darn technical and tricky riffs coming from guitarists Jon's and Ali's six-string axes (check out "Deliverance" for example), Massdistraction also remind me of the times when Finland's Demigod recorded their third album, Let Chaos Prevail, playing technical and melodic Thrash Metal with a slight twist of Death Metal (due to the vocals). Also, songs like the title track and "Thou Shall Not Kill" show a remarkable Slayer influence when it comes down to some blistering guitar riffs. In other words, by no means can it sound bad, right?

The production on Your Time is teeny-weeny DIY-sounding though. It's definitely crispy and not over-polished a bit, but it also has its tiny flaws here and there. But as Massdistraction's Thrash works well, complaining about the production is pretty much a secondary thing. So, in a nutshell, give them a chance. You may well like Massdistraction as much I did.

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