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Review: Kreator - Gods of Violence
Gods of Violence

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year released: 2017
Duration: 51:43
Tracks: 12
Genre: Thrash Metal


Review online: February 26, 2017
Reviewed by: Christian Renner
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Rated 4.07/5 (81.33%) (30 Votes)

I have to preface this review by saying it has been quite some time since my last published review. I'm not sharing this as an excuse but rather to point out the difference in listening to an album for pleasure vs. listening for writing a review. Before I sat down with a good set of headphones and really concentrated on this album, I would have sworn this was going to be an easy 5/5.

I have listened to this album for pleasure at least a dozen times and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, when listening to it for the review I found that I actually have some problems with this disc. Nothing that ruins it, of course, but certainly some things that will keep it from getting a perfect score. This album is good, very good in fact, but not great.

I have always considered Kreator to be the best of the (un)holy trinity that is German thrash metal. Completing my trinity are the bands Destruction and Sodom who have threatened the top spot here and there throughout their careers but have never quite taken it. I still listen to Sodom's album M-16 quite often but as far as the overall production is concerned I feel Kreator easily has the top spot and this album does not dissuade me from that thought.

In interest of your time, rather than reviewing each individual track, I have chosen my personal highlights and problems with the disc. Let's start with my issues; This is NOT a straight thrash album. When you think Kreator, you think balls out thrash (just forget the mid 90s.??). You will hear elements of melodic death metal on here and even some power metal. It seems they wrote some of these songs in recognition of bands they like. "Hail to the Hordes" has the feel of any number of bands extolling the virtues of metal. "Side by Side" is straight Running Wild worship. "Death Becomes My Light" is an almost perfect rendition of a Maiden song...galloping riff, trade off solos, the song slowing down near the end. The only thing missing is the dramatic Maiden finish. I like the song but it ends the album with a whimper when it could have finished with a roar.

Now for the highlights; The musicianship and songwriting on this disc are amazing. The solo work is easily the best of their career. Songs like "Totalitarian Terror and Gods of Violence" just kick all forms of ass and remind you why Kreator is the best of the German thrash trinity. "Lion with Eagle Wings" is a straight-up power metal song but it really works. The menacing intro leads to a great opening riff, then a very good bridge transitioning to a very catchy, soaring chorus. Kreator finishes the song with a great solo. Sure, this is power metal 101 but I'll be damned if they don't pull it off.

My review may sound like I didn't like the album as much as my score indicates but honestly the issues I had were minor at best. There are a few songs on this album that I consider filler but listen with an open mind and you will have a very good time with some of the chances that Kreator are taking on this album.

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