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Bruce Dragonchaser
Name: Bruce Turnbull
Location: Newcastle, England, United Kingdom
Age: 31
Languages spoken: English
Day job: Writer/Journalist
Instruments/bands: I was the vocalist/keyboard player for Fallen Skies until we called it a day. Now I am working with ex-members of that band, recording our debut album as we speak. I can also play guitar, bass, and tin whistle.
Quote: "The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven." John Milton
Into metal since: 1997
Joined The Metal Crypt: December 2006
Number of reviews: 509
Number of interviews: 4
Favourite Genres: Power, Progressive, Symphonic, Traditional
Dislikes: Stoner, Groove, Grind.
About Bruce Dragonchaser:

My first real encounter with the greater power known as Heavy Metal came when I picked up a copy of Iron Maiden's then recent best of, Best of the Beast, and as a teenager in a town where liking music that didn't print their latest single's lyrics in Smash Hits, it was a revelation of immense clarity as to what lay beyond the fringes of the 'norm'. Not soon after I stocked myself up with every Megadeth, Slayer, Testament, and Carcass record (strangely enough) before discovering Helloween's Time of the Oath and my love affair with Power Metal was born.

Despite my affection for music, it is not the only focus in my life. I have a humongous passion for writing; I am currently on the staff at PowerPlay Rock and Metal Magazine – where I also serve as News Editor – The Big Cheese, Fireworks, The Slant, God is in the TV and many others, where I concentrate my 'talents' on music, art, film, and literature. I also write crime fiction in my spare time, and plan on moving into that field professionally in the future. I am also studying for a degree in Creative Writing and English Literature at Northumbria University, where talent is sadly drained from your being instead of nurtured. I have other interests elsewhere that coincide with the aforementioned topics, such as the technical side of crime scene investigation (including forensic anthropology and DNA profiling) as well as a love for the art of Edward Hopper, Gustave Dore, and Hieronymus Bosch. My favourite writers are Michael Connelly, Kathy Reichs, Richard Montanari, and Raymond E Feist.

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