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Name: Devon Gaston
Location: Big Sandy, TN, United States of America
Age: 27
Languages spoken: English, some broken Spanish, and a couple of swears in Swedish.
Day job: Grill Slave
Instruments/bands: Tried learning guitar, but that got stolen, so now I just sing very poorly when no one’s listening.
Hobbies: Video games, nitpicking movies apart, tabletop RPGs, telling bad jokes, writing.
Into metal since: 2008
Joined The Metal Crypt: August 2019
Number of reviews: 345
Number of interviews: 9
Number of editorials: 2
Favourite Genres: Epic Metal, Doom, Trad, anything that’s actually Metal, really.
Dislikes: Wannabe-Core, trend-whoring, Avant-Garde bullshit.
About Mjölnir:

My journey in Metal is probably a bit odd compared to others, as my first exposure to it was the video game Brutal Legend. I had a low opinion of Metal and music in general and got it because it got good reviews, and now I can say that first hearing Sabbath's "Children of the Grave" blaring out of my speakers is one of the most important moments in my life. With no concept of the underground scene, I turned to satellite radio stations to learn as much as I could. Then my poor ass got a hold of the interwebs and I discovered the Crypt, and through it I found a review of Mechanical Poet's Woodland Prattlers, and from there I was shown the real power of the underground.

Since then, I've been scrambling around trying to get a hold of as much Metal as I can. I've been on the message boards for a while, but the discovery of a used shop with a mind-boggling selection of Metal (both quantity and rarity) has made it that much easier on me, so that's what led me to writing for the site (outside of working as an unofficial editor. I'll let you decide what exactly I edit around here). So, you know, go read some stuff on the site if you haven't already. Maybe you'll find something that'll impact your life as much as this site has mine.

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