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Artist Album Genre Year Rating Reviewer Date Reviewed
 Rising Steel  Fight Them All Heavy/Power Metal20203.75MetalMike2021-01-24
 Gestrüpp  Below the Trees Black Metal20211.25Mjölnir2021-01-24
 Exhumed  Horror Death Metal20194Michel Renaud2021-01-24
 Abigor  Totschläger (A Saintslayer's Songbook) Black Metal20204.5Michel Renaud2021-01-23
 Pyramaze  Epitaph Power Metal20203MetalMike2021-01-23
 Chaos Wasteland  Bloodlust Black/Thrash20203.75Luxi Lahtinen2021-01-23
 Aria  Play with Fire Heavy Metal19894.5Michel Renaud2021-01-22
 Omination  NGR Funeral Doom20214.25Mjölnir2021-01-22
 Rezet  Truth in Between Thrash Metal20213.5MetalMike2021-01-22
 Dragonrider  Scepter of Domination Power Metal20203.5MetalMike2021-01-21
 QuickFire  Conqueror of the Void Thrash Metal20203.5Luxi Lahtinen2021-01-21
 Tombs  Under Sullen Skies Black Metal20204.25Michel Renaud2021-01-21
 Plague Weaver  Ascendant Blasphemy Doom/Black20214.5Mjölnir2021-01-20
 Carnation  Where Death Lies Death Metal20204.25Michel Renaud2021-01-20
 Rocka Rollas  Metal Strikes Back: Definitive Edition Power Metal20203MetalMike2021-01-20
 Night Prowler  No Escape... Heavy Metal20214.5Michel Renaud2021-01-19
 Sarcator  Sarcator Black/Thrash20203.75MetalMike2021-01-19
 AEolian  The Negationist Melodic Death Metal20204.5Luxi Lahtinen2021-01-19
 Sainte Marie des Loups  Funérailles de feu Black Metal20204Michel Renaud2021-01-18
 Malice Divine  Malice Divine Black/Death20213.5Mjölnir2021-01-18
 Fate  II Heavy/Thrash20202.5MetalMike2021-01-18
 Stormkeep  Galdrum Black Metal20203.5MetalMike2021-01-17
 Infernal Throne  Back to the Abyss Black/Thrash20204Luxi Lahtinen2021-01-17
 Solução Final  Covid 666 - Velhos todos com o caralho Black Metal20202.75Michel Renaud2021-01-17
 Immortal Guardian  Psychosomatic Progressive Power Metal20213.75Mjölnir2021-01-16
 Eleine  Dancing in Hell Symphonic Metal20203.25MetalMike2021-01-16
 Void of Chaos  Feel the Rot Death Metal20213.5Michel Renaud2021-01-16
 Sacrocurse  Supreme Terror Black/Death20214Michel Renaud2021-01-15
 Fortress Under Siege  Atlantis Heavy/Progressive20203.75MetalMike2021-01-15
 Evil Drive  Demons Within Death/Thrash20214Luxi Lahtinen2021-01-15
 End of Mankind  Antérieur à la lumière Black Metal20204Mjölnir2021-01-14
 Diamond Head  Lightning to the Nations 2020 Heavy Metal20204.5MetalMike2021-01-14
 Theotoxin  Consilivm Black/Death20184Michel Renaud2021-01-14
 Evangelist  Ad Mortem Festinamus Doom Metal20204MetalMike2021-01-13
 Korpsesoturi  Korpskrist Death Metal20204Luxi Lahtinen2021-01-13
 The Rite  Liturgy of the Black Heavy Metal20204Michel Renaud2021-01-13
 Hell Freezes Over  Hellraiser Speed Metal20203.5MetalMike2021-01-12
 Holdlajtorja  Ab Oriente ad Occidente Black Metal20201.5Mjölnir2021-01-12
 Deathblow  Insect Politics Thrash Metal20204Michel Renaud2021-01-12
 Vermineux  1337 Black Metal20214Sargon the Terrible2021-01-11
 Ascendor  Circle of Violence Thrash Metal20203.75Luxi Lahtinen2021-01-11
 Manticora  To Live to Kill to Live Progressive Power Metal20204.25Michel Renaud2021-01-11
 SDI  Sign of the Wicked Thrash Metal19883.75MetalMike2021-01-10
 Aria  Hero of Asphalt Heavy Metal19874.25Michel Renaud2021-01-10
 Septicflesh  Communion Death Metal20084Mjölnir2021-01-10
 White Magician  Dealers of Divinity Heavy Metal20203.5MetalMike2021-01-09
 Stud  War of Power Heavy Metal20204Luxi Lahtinen2021-01-09
 Incantation  Sect of Vile Divinities Death Metal20204Michel Renaud2021-01-09
 Molde Volhal  Into the Cave of Ordeals... Black Metal20204.25Mjölnir2021-01-08
 Evoke  Seeds of Death Black/Thrash20204Luxi Lahtinen2021-01-08
 Belial (Finland)  The Gods of the Pit pt. II (Paragon So Below) Black/Death20214Michel Renaud2021-01-08
 Sodom  Genesis XIX Thrash Metal20203.5MetalMike2021-01-07
 All the Cold  To the Emerald Land Black Metal20204.25Sargon the Terrible2021-01-07
 Reaper (Sweden)  Unholy Nordic Noise Black/Thrash20194.25Michel Renaud2021-01-07
 Gama Bomb  Sea Savage Thrash Metal20204Michel Renaud2021-01-06
 Scimitar  Shadows of Man Death Metal20193MetalMike2021-01-06
 Deathgoat  Regurgitated into Existence Death Metal20213.75Luxi Lahtinen2021-01-06
 Hate Forest  Hour of the Centaur Black Metal20204.5Sargon the Terrible2021-01-05
 Obsecration  Oceanum Oblivione Death Metal20204Mjölnir2021-01-05
 Carnation  Chapel of Abhorrence Death Metal20184Michel Renaud2021-01-05

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