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Artist Album Genre Year Rating Reviewer Date Reviewed
 White Rune  Dawn of the White Rune Black Metal20223Sargon the Terrible2022-08-04
 Dark Forest  Ridge & Furrow Heavy Metal20223.75MetalMike2022-08-04
 Master  The New Elite Death Metal20223Sargon the Terrible2022-08-04
 Dementia 13  Tales for the Carnivorous Death Metal20133.5Luxi Lahtinen2022-08-04
 Master  The Human Machine Death Metal20101.5Sargon the Terrible2022-08-03
 Ruthless Horde  Demo Anthology 1989-1991 Thrash Metal20224MetalMike2022-08-03
 Veter Daemonaz  Muse of the Damned Black/Death20224Sargon the Terrible2022-08-03
 Weregoat  The Devil's Lust Black/Death20224Michel Renaud2022-08-03
 Monasterium  Cold Are the Graves Doom Metal20224MetalMike2022-08-02
 Elliott's Keep  Vulnerant Omnes Doom Metal20223Mjölnir2022-08-02
 Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement  Constructing the Cataclysm Death Metal20224Sargon the Terrible2022-08-02
 Dementia 13  Ways of Enclosure Death Metal20153.75Luxi Lahtinen2022-08-02
 I Am the Night  While the Gods Are Sleeping Black Metal20223Sargon the Terrible2022-08-02
 Torture Killer  Dead Inside Death Metal20224Michel Renaud2022-08-02
 Cauldron Born  Cold Steel for the Necromancer Heavy Metal20225Sargon the Terrible2022-07-28
 Seax  Speed Inferno Speed Metal20224.75MetalMike2022-07-28
 Runaway  Abandono Heavy Metal20224.25Mjölnir2022-07-28
 Saor  Origins Black/Folk Metal20224.5Sargon the Terrible2022-07-27
 Raptore  Blackfire Heavy Metal20224MetalMike2022-07-27
 Seventh Wonder  The Testament Progressive Power Metal20223.75Sargon the Terrible2022-07-27
 Demonztrator  Morbid Journey Into Chaos Thrash Metal20224.25Luxi Lahtinen2022-07-27
 Fleshrot  Unburied Corpse Death Metal20223.75Michel Renaud2022-07-27
 Hellfire Deathcult  Al nombre de la muerte Black/Death20223Sargon the Terrible2022-07-26
 Amulett  Glassbreaker Heavy Metal20213.5MetalMike2022-07-26
 Tryglav  Night of Whispering Souls Black Metal20192Sargon the Terrible2022-07-26
 Anthea  Tales Untold Progressive Power Metal20223.75MetalMike2022-07-25
 Solstice Rider  Suffer to Glory Melodic Death Metal20213.5Sargon the Terrible2022-07-25
 Severe Torture  Fisting the Sockets Death Metal20224Michel Renaud2022-07-25
 Wampyrinacht  Night of the Desecration Black Metal20224.25Sargon the Terrible2022-07-24
 Wolfbrigade  Anti-Tank Dogs Death/Thrash20224Michel Renaud2022-07-24
 Destral  Fembres pecadrius Heavy Metal20223.5MetalMike2022-07-24
 Transgressive  Fetus Factory Thrash Metal20223.75Mjölnir2022-07-24
 Lord Vigo  We Shall Overcome Heavy Metal20223.5MetalMike2022-07-23
 Mortal Thrall  A Path to Fire Black Metal20223Sargon the Terrible2022-07-23
 Misery Index  Complete Control Death Metal20224Michel Renaud2022-07-23
 Raptore  Blackfire Heavy Metal20224Sargon the Terrible2022-07-22
 Stygian Oath  Midnight Flames Heavy Metal20223.5MetalMike2022-07-22
 Lament in Winter's Night  At the Gates of the Eternal Storm Black Metal20223.25Michel Renaud2022-07-22
 Battlelore  The Return of the Shadow Symphonic Metal20224.5Sargon the Terrible2022-07-21
 Sacrifizer  Le diamant de Lucifer Speed/Thrash20223.75MetalMike2022-07-21
 Invaders  Beware of the Night Heavy Metal20223.25Michel Renaud2022-07-21
 Cleanbreak  Coming Home Heavy Metal20223.75MetalMike2022-07-20
 Odyrmos  Odyrmos Black Metal20222.5Sargon the Terrible2022-07-20
 Motör Militia  World in Flames Thrash Metal20183.75Michel Renaud2022-07-20
 Spiter  Bathe the Babe in Bats' Blood Black/Thrash20223.75Sargon the Terrible2022-07-19
 Orgrel  The Oath of the Black Wolf Black Metal20224MetalMike2022-07-19
 Manticore  Endless Scourge of Torment Black Metal20223.5Sargon the Terrible2022-07-19
 Skull Fist  Paid in Full Heavy Metal20224MetalMike2022-07-19
 SoulLine  The Deep Melodic Death Metal20183Michel Renaud2022-07-19
 Clarent Blade  Return into Forever Heavy Metal20223.5Sargon the Terrible2022-07-18
 Protector  Excessive Outburst of Depravity Death/Thrash20224MetalMike2022-07-18
 Leslie Ripp  The Riddle of Steel Metal/Hard Rock20224Mjölnir2022-07-18
 Chaotian  Effigies of Obsolescence Death Metal20223.75Sargon the Terrible2022-07-18
 Aara  Triade II: Hemera Black Metal20224.25Micah.Ram2022-07-18
 Our Dying World  Hymns of Blinding Darkness Melodic Death Metal20223.5MetalMike2022-07-18
 Municipal Waste  Electrified Brain Thrash Metal20224.25Michel Renaud2022-07-12
 Ironflame  Where Madness Dwells Heavy Metal20224.5MetalMike2022-07-12
 Kvöl  In Similitude of a Dream Black Metal20223.75Mjölnir2022-07-12
 Eschatology  Eschatology Black Metal20223.5Sargon the Terrible2022-07-12
 Splintered Throne  The Greater Good of Man Heavy Metal20224.5Sargon the Terrible2022-07-11

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