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Artist Album Genre Year Rating Reviewer Date Reviewed
 P.H.T.O.  Affliction Black Metal20113Sargon the Terrible2012-02-23
 Pa Vesh En  Church of Bones Black Metal20184.25Michel Renaud2023-07-10
 Pa Vesh En  Martyrs Black Metal20233.75Sargon the Terrible2023-04-28
 Pact  Enigmata Black Metal20184Michel Renaud2021-08-29
 Pact  God Only Knows Black Metal20224Luxi Lahtinen2022-10-14
 Pact  The Dragon Lineage of Satan Black Metal20123.5Sargon the Terrible2013-02-28
 Pagan Altar  Lords of Hypocrisy Heavy Metal20045Sargon the Terrible2006-08-30
 Pagan Altar  Mythical & Magical Doom Metal20065+Larry Griffin2007-12-06
 Pagan Altar  Mythical & Magical Doom Metal20065Sargon the Terrible2007-09-02
 Pagan Altar  The Room of Shadows Heavy Metal20174.5MetalMike2017-08-12
 Pagan Altar  The Time Lord Heavy Metal20124MetalMike2012-09-04
 Pagan Heritage  Forn Sed Black Metal20074.25Lars Christiansen2007-07-16
 Pagan Heritage  Forn Sed Black Metal20074Pagan Shadow2007-12-24
 Pagan Reign  Once Again Folk Metal20185Sargon the Terrible2019-02-20
 Pagan Reign  Spark Of Glory And Revival Of Ancient Greatness Folk Metal20035Sargon the Terrible2006-03-02
 Pagan Reign  Tverd (Ancient Fortress) Folk Metal20064.5Brett Buckle2008-12-29
 Pagan War Machine  Bayonets & Battle Scars Thrash Metal20033.5Sargon the Terrible2003-09-21
 Pagan's Mind  Celestial Entrance Progressive Power Metal20024Sargon the Terrible2004-07-09
 Pagan's Mind  Celestial Entrance Progressive Power Metal20025+ShadowsFall2005-05-01
 Pagan's Mind  Enigmatic:Calling Progressive Power Metal20054.5Sargon the Terrible2005-06-11
 Pagan's Mind  God's Equation Progressive Metal20072.5Bruce Dragonchaser2007-11-10
 Pagan's Mind  God's Equation Progressive Metal20073.25Larry Griffin2008-04-09
 Pagan's Mind  Heavenly Ecstasy Progressive Power Metal20113.75Adam Kohrman2011-04-06
 Paganfire  Of Deathblades and Bloodsoaked Paths... Thrash Metal20214Luxi Lahtinen2021-12-30
 Paganizer  Beyond the Macabre Death Metal20223.5Sargon the Terrible2022-05-10
 Paganizer  Dead Unburied Death Metal20024.5Scott Murray2003-02-26
 Paganizer  Land of Weeping Souls Death Metal20174Sargon the Terrible2017-06-29
 Paganizer  Murder Death Kill Death Metal20034.5Scott Murray2003-07-16
 Paganizer  No Divine Rapture Death Metal20043.75Michel Renaud2004-09-04
 Paganizer  Promoting Total Death Death Metal20013.75Scott Murray2003-09-15
 Paganizer  Promoting Total Death (2018) Death Metal20184Michel Renaud2019-04-24
 Paganizer  Scandinavian Warmachine Death Metal20094.5Sargon the Terrible2009-09-25
 Paganizer  The Tower of the Morbid Death Metal20194Michel Renaud2020-09-26
 Paganizer  The Tower of the Morbid Death Metal20194Sargon the Terrible2019-10-04
 Paganland  Galizier Black Metal20203.5MetalMike2020-03-19
 Paganland  Wind of Freedom Black Metal20133.5MetalMike2013-04-13
 Paganland  Wind of Freedom Black Metal20132.5Sargon the Terrible2013-02-22
 Paganus  Paganus Doom/Death20084.5Lars Christiansen2008-09-09
 Pagliacci  Yours Sincerely, Sister Josephine Gothic Metal20173MetalMike2017-07-20
 Pain of Salvation  Entropia Progressive Metal19975+Bruce Dragonchaser2007-07-09
 Pain of Salvation  One Hour by the Concrete Lake Progressive Metal19985Bruce Dragonchaser2007-07-18
 Pain of Salvation  The Perfect Element Part I Progressive Metal20004Bruce Dragonchaser2007-07-26
 Painful Memories  Memorial to Suffering Doom/Death20063.5Sargon the Terrible2007-03-04
 Palace  Reject the System Heavy Metal20204MetalMike2020-08-02
 Palace  The 7th Steel Power Metal20143.5MetalMike2015-02-26
 Paladin  Ascension Power/Thrash20195Christian Renner2021-01-30
 Paladine  Entering the Abyss Heavy/Power Metal20213.5MetalMike2021-04-10
 Palantir  Chasing a Dream Power Metal20224MetalMike2022-06-10
 Palantir  Lost Between Dimensions Power Metal20173.75MetalMike2017-11-24
 Palantir  Nightmare Opus Power Metal20233.75MetalMike2024-03-31
 Pale Divine  Cemetery Earth Doom Metal20123.75Sargon the Terrible2012-05-11
 Pale Divine  Consequence of Time Doom Metal20204MetalMike2020-06-21
 Pale Divine  Consequence of Time Doom Metal20203Sargon the Terrible2020-06-13
 Pale Divine  Eternity Revealed Doom Metal20044Sargon the Terrible2005-05-01
 Pale Divine  Painted Windows Black Doom Metal20124.25Sargon the Terrible2012-04-18
 Pale Divine  Pale Divine Doom Metal20183.75MetalMike2019-02-10
 Pale Divine  Pale Divine Doom Metal20183.75Sargon the Terrible2018-11-25
 Pale Forest  Exit Mould Gothic Metal20022.75Christian Renner2002-03-08
 Pale Spektre  Bereft of Xerotic Layers Black Metal20224.5Michel Renaud2023-01-29
 Pallbearer  Sorrow and Extinction Doom Metal20124.5Christopher Foley2012-04-18
 Pan-Amerikan Native Front  Little Turtle's War Black Metal20214.25Mjölnir2021-04-10
 Panchrysia  Deathcult Salvation Black Metal20084.25Pagan Shadow2008-07-11
 Panchrysia  Dogma Black Metal20183.75Luxi Lahtinen2018-11-29
 Pandaemonium  ...And The Runes Begin To Pray Power Metal19993Bruce Dragonchaser2010-06-28
 Pandaemonium  Return to Reality Power Metal20053.5Bruce Dragonchaser2010-10-29
 Pandemia  At the Gates of Nihilism Death Metal20154Luxi Lahtinen2015-04-13
 Pandemia (Spain)  Behind Enemy Lines Thrash Metal20184Luxi Lahtinen2018-07-11
 Pandemic Outbreak  Skulls Beneath the Cross Death/Thrash20214.25Luxi Lahtinen2021-08-31
 Pandemonium  Insomnia Doom/Death20024.5Michel Renaud2002-09-01
 Pandemonium (Poland)  Misanthropy Black/Death20123.25Memnarch2012-04-08
 Pandemonium (Poland)  Promo 2010 Black/Death20103Sargon the Terrible2011-05-24
 Pandemonium (Poland)  The Ancient Catatonia Black/Death20134.25Luxi Lahtinen2014-12-26
 Pandrador  Seidr Death Metal20234.25Sargon the Terrible2023-06-23
 Pánico al Miedo  Formador Death/Thrash20183.25Luxi Lahtinen2019-01-17
 Panopticon  Kentucky Black Metal20124.5Edward T. Head2014-05-16
 Panphage  Drengskapr Black Metal20164.75Omni2017-07-21
 Pantheist  Amartia Funeral Doom20054Sargon the Terrible2005-07-24
 Pantheist  O Solitude Funeral Doom20034.5Sargon the Terrible2005-07-14
 Pantheon  Dead Or Alive Heavy/Thrash20073.25Michel Renaud2007-12-18
 Pantheon  Vargrstrike Black Metal20081.5Memnarch2010-10-08
 Pantheon I  From the Abyss They Rise Black Metal20143.5Luxi Lahtinen2014-08-30
 Pantheon I  The Wanderer And His Shadow Black/Death20073Sargon the Terrible2007-05-12
 Pantheon I  Worlds I Create Black Metal20093Michel Renaud2009-10-10
 Pantheon of Blood  Consociatio Solis et Lunae Black Metal20112Sargon the Terrible2013-03-04
 Panzer  Fatal Command Heavy/Thrash20173.75Michel Renaud2017-12-28
 Panzerbastard  2006 - 2009 Thrash Metal20094Mike Henn2009-12-18
 Panzerchrist  Room Service Death Metal20033.5Hermer Arroyo2010-07-12
 Panzerfaust  The Suns of Perdition - Chapter II: Render unto Eden Black Metal20204.5Michel Renaud2020-09-04
 Paradise Lost  Draconian Times Gothic Metal19953.754th Horseman2005-01-10
 Paradise Lost  Gothic Gothic Metal19914.754th Horseman2004-09-23
 Paradise Lost  In Requiem Gothic Metal20073.94th Horseman2007-06-14
 Paradise Lost  Lost Paradise Doom/Death19903.5MetalMike2021-02-28
 Paradise Lost  Symbol of Life Gothic Metal200234th Horseman2004-09-22
 Paradise Lost (USA)  Paradise Lost Heavy Metal19893Sargon the Terrible2003-03-22
 Paradox  Collision Course Thrash Metal20004Christian Renner2001-09-18
 Paradox  Collision Course Thrash Metal20004Daniel DGYDP Guerrero2009-04-09
 Paradox  Electrify Thrash Metal20084.5Daniel DGYDP Guerrero2009-01-14
 Paradox  Heresy Thrash Metal19894.75Sargon the Terrible2006-10-13
 Paradox  Heresy II: End of a Legend Thrash Metal20214.5MetalMike2021-09-29
 Paradox  Pangea Thrash Metal20164.25Bruno Medeiros2016-06-13
 Paradox  Riot Squad Thrash Metal20094.25Christopher Foley2009-09-24
 Paradox  Riot Squad Thrash Metal20093MetalMike2010-01-26
 Paradox  Tales of the Weird Thrash Metal20124MetalMike2013-01-12
 Paradox Community  Omega Heavy Metal20212Christian Renner2021-05-08
 Paragon  Chalice of Steel Heavy Metal19993.5Sargon the Terrible2005-02-08
 Paragon  Controlled Demolition Heavy/Power Metal20194Bruno Medeiros2019-06-02
 Paragon  Controlled Demolition Heavy/Power Metal20193.75MetalMike2019-07-09
 Paragon  Force of Destruction Heavy/Power Metal20124.5MetalMike2012-10-27
 Paragon  Force of Destruction Heavy/Power Metal20124.5Sargon the Terrible2012-11-09
 Paragon  Forgotten Prophecies Heavy Metal20074Sargon the Terrible2007-09-03
 Paragon  Hell Beyond Hell Heavy Metal20164Bruno Medeiros2016-05-14
 Paragon  Hell Beyond Hell Heavy Metal20164Sargon the Terrible2016-04-30
 Paragon  Law of the Blade Heavy Metal20024.75Sargon the Terrible2003-03-11
 Paragon  Revenge Heavy Metal20054Sargon the Terrible2005-05-30
 Paragon  Screenslaves Heavy Metal20084Larry Griffin2009-01-30
 Paragon  Screenslaves Heavy Metal20083Sargon the Terrible2008-12-10
 Paragon  Steelbound Heavy Metal20014Sargon the Terrible2003-08-19
 Paragon  The Dark Legacy Heavy Metal20034.5Sargon the Terrible2003-09-02
 Paragon  The Final Command Heavy Metal19984Sargon the Terrible2004-09-04
 Paragon Belial  Nosferathu Sathanis Black Metal20084.25Pagan Shadow2008-12-19
 Paranoia  Ready to Explode Thrash Metal20022.5MetalMike2009-03-28
 Paranorm  Empyrean Black/Thrash20214Mjölnir2021-08-17
 Paranorm  The Edge of Existence Thrash Metal20144.25Luxi Lahtinen2014-11-16
 Pariah  Unity Power/Thrash20234.5Mjölnir2023-09-01
 Parsifal  Heavy Duty Power Metal20163MetalMike2016-12-23
 Parsifal  Mountain King Power Metal20203.75Sargon the Terrible2020-12-13
 Pasadena Napalm Division  Pasadena Napalm Division Thrash Metal20102.25Michel Renaud2010-10-11
 Pathfinder  Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time Power Metal20114.75Christopher Foley2011-05-13
 Pathfinder  Fifth Element Power Metal20122Sargon the Terrible2012-08-12
 Pathology  Incisions of Perverse Debauchery Death Metal20103.5Michel Renaud2010-08-25
 Pathosray  Pathosray Progressive Metal20074.5Sargon the Terrible2007-11-08
 Pathosray  Sunless Skies Progressive Power Metal20094PowerMetal592009-08-11
 Paths of Possession  The End of the Hour Melodic Death Metal20074Michel Renaud2007-10-03
 Patria  Gloria Nox Aeterna Black Metal20103Michel Renaud2012-05-12
 Patria  Hexerei Black Metal20224.5Mjölnir2022-12-07
 Patria  Hymns of Victory and Death Black Metal20093.25Michel Renaud2011-01-16
 Patria  Liturgia Haeresis Black Metal20113.5Michel Renaud2012-05-13
 Patria  Magna Adversia Black Metal20174Luxi Lahtinen2017-05-22
 Patria  Sovereign Misanthropy Black Metal20103.5Michel Renaud2011-01-22
 Paydretz  Chroniques de l'insurrection Black/Folk Metal20214.5Sargon the Terrible2021-12-25
 PCP  Evil Hate Motherfucker Death/Thrash20003.25Michel Renaud2003-05-26
 Pedophile Priests  Cancer Death Metal20191.5Mjölnir2020-06-19
 Pegazus  Breaking The Chains Heavy Metal19994.25Michel Renaud2002-06-17
 Pegazus  The Headless Horseman Heavy Metal20023.75Michel Renaud2002-06-03
 Penance  Alpha & Omega Doom Metal20014Michel Renaud2003-12-13
 Penance  Spiritualnatural Doom Metal20034.5Michel Renaud2004-01-24
 Penetrator  Penetrator Heavy/Power Metal20053.5Michel Renaud2005-07-08
 Pénitence Onirique  Nature Morte Black Metal20234.5Michel Renaud2023-11-17
 Pensées Nocturnes  Vacuum Black Metal20094.75Pagan Shadow2009-07-30
 Pentacrostic  The Pain Years 1989 - 2010 Death Metal20113.5Christopher Foley2012-07-14
 Pentagram  Be Forewarned Doom Metal19943.5MetalMike2021-03-04
 Pentagram  Relentless Doom Metal19934.25Adam Kohrman2010-08-18
 Pentral  What Lies Ahead of Us Progressive Metal20213.25MetalMike2021-05-19
 Perdition Winds  Aura of Suffering Black/Death20143.75Luxi Lahtinen2015-01-16
 Perdition Winds  Perdition Winds Black/Death20124.5Memnarch2012-03-31
 Perditor  In Signo Suo Black Metal20043.75Michel Renaud2004-07-05
 Pergale  Horizontalios Maldos Palaima Black Metal20110.5Memnarch2012-03-10
 Pergana  The Visit Gothic Metal20153.25MetalMike2016-01-17
 Permixtio  Il Canto Dei Sepolcri Black Metal20104Memnarch2010-10-27
 Perpetrator  Altered Beast Thrash Metal20184Sargon the Terrible2018-05-16
 Perpetual Crusade  First Strike Power/Thrash20153MetalMike2016-02-11
 Perpetual Etude  Now Is the Time Heavy Metal20213.75MetalMike2021-10-28
 Perpetual Fire  Endless World Power Metal20063Michel Renaud2006-08-31
 Perpetual Fire  Invisible Power Metal20093MetalMike2010-02-26
 Perpetual Rage  Empress of the Cold Stars Heavy Metal20173.75Luxi Lahtinen2017-12-29
 Perpetual Rage  Flames from Below Heavy Metal20203.75Luxi Lahtinen2020-07-14
 Perpetuum  Gradual Decay of Conscience Black/Death20092.75Adam Kohrman2010-09-20
 Perpetuum  Gradual Decay of Conscience Black/Death20093.25Sargon the Terrible2010-09-07
 Persefone  Truth Inside The Shades Progressive Melodic Death20043Sargon the Terrible2004-09-20
 Persekutor  Power Frost Black Metal20133MetalMike2014-03-19
 Persona Non Grata  Shade In The Light Progressive Metal20092.5Sargon the Terrible2009-04-07
 Persuader  Evolution Purgatory Power Metal20044.5Michel Renaud2004-03-24
 Persuader  Necromancy Power Metal20204.25Michel Renaud2021-01-04
 Persuader  The Hunter Power Metal20005Michel Renaud2000-12-24
 Persuader  When Eden Burns Power Metal20054Bruce Dragonchaser2009-02-27
 Pertness  From the Beginning to the End Power Metal20103.5Lior "Steinmetal" Stein2010-11-20
 Pertness  From the Beginning to the End Power Metal20103MetalMike2010-05-08
 Pertness  Frozen Time Power Metal20123Sargon the Terrible2013-01-02
 Pertness  Metamorphosis Power Metal20183.75MetalMike2019-03-22
 Perun  The Wolflegion Black Metal20034.5Sargon the Terrible2007-04-13
 Perveration  Putrefaction of Infinite Apogee Death Metal20243.5Michel Renaud2024-02-13
 Perversity  Ablaze Death Metal20113.5Luxi Lahtinen2014-06-11
 Perversity  Infamy Divine Death Metal20143.5Luxi Lahtinen2014-06-13
 Perversor  Demon Metal Black/Thrash20104Michel Renaud2010-02-02
 Perversor  Demon Metal Black/Thrash20104Sargon the Terrible2010-06-18
 Perversor  Psicomoro Black/Death20213.75Michel Renaud2021-05-04
 Perverticon  Extinguishing the Flame of Life Black Metal20233.75Michel Renaud2023-09-07
 Perverticon  Wounds of Divinity Black Metal20193.75Michel Renaud2023-09-19
 Perzonal War  Bloodline Power/Thrash20083Bruce Dragonchaser2008-06-27
 Perzonal War  Faces Power/Thrash200444th Horseman2005-02-21
 Perzonal War  When Times Turn Red Power/Thrash20052.5Michel Renaud2006-01-04
 Pest  Tenebris Obortis Black Metal20094Sargon the Terrible2010-07-30
 Peste Noire  Ballade Cuntre lo Anemi Francor Black Metal20094.25Brett Buckle2009-04-13
 Peste Noire  Folkfuck Folie Black Metal20073Brett Buckle2009-02-09
 Peste Noire  La Sanie des Siècles - Panégyrique de la Dégénérescence Black Metal20084.5Brett Buckle2009-02-07
 Pestigore  Rotten Bowel of Pestigore Death Metal20233.75Luxi Lahtinen2023-12-14
 Pestilence  Consuming Impulse Death Metal19894.5Sargon the Terrible2006-08-04
 Pestilence  Doctrine Death Metal20113.75Christopher Foley2011-06-16
 Pestilence  Doctrine Death Metal20112Sargon the Terrible2011-08-26
 Pestilence  Exitivm Death Metal20214Sargon the Terrible2021-07-31
 Pestilence  Levels of Perception Death/Thrash20242.75Sargon the Terrible2024-04-05
 Pestilence  Mallevs Maleficarvm Death/Thrash19884.5Luxi Lahtinen2021-08-24
 Pestilence  Mallevs Maleficarvm Death/Thrash19884.5Sargon the Terrible2023-07-09
 Pestilence  Resurrection Macabre Death Metal20094Sargon the Terrible2009-07-16
 Pestilence  Spheres Death Metal20232Sargon the Terrible2023-07-03
 Pestilence  Testimony Of The Ancients Death Metal19914.5Sargon the Terrible2006-09-20
 Pestilential Shadows  In Memoriam, Ill Omen Black Metal20094.5Sargon the Terrible2009-10-11
 Pestilential Shadows  Revenant Black Metal20213.75Sargon the Terrible2021-09-02
 Pestlegion  Sathanas Grand Victoria Black Metal20224.25Michel Renaud2022-11-20
 Petrification  Sever Sacred Light Death Metal20243.5Sargon the Terrible2024-02-03
 Phantom  Cyberchrist Power Metal19934.25Bruno Medeiros2015-05-07
 Phantom (Mexico)  Handed to Execution Speed/Thrash20233.75MetalMike2024-03-26
 Phantom (Mexico)  Handed to Execution Speed/Thrash20234.25Michel Renaud2023-11-21
 Phantom (Mexico)  Hellspeed Death Speed Metal20223.25MetalMike2023-02-16
 Phantom Corporation  Fallout Death/Thrash20234Michel Renaud2023-07-11
 Phantom Fire  Return of the Goat Heavy Metal20213.5Michel Renaud2021-03-28
 Phantom Limb  Mantra Progressive Metal20132Sargon the Terrible2014-06-07
 Phantom Limb  Mors Ontologica Progressive Metal20112Sargon the Terrible2012-02-10
 Phantom-X  The Opera of the Phantom Heavy Metal20123.75MetalMike2012-12-14
 Phantom-X  The Opera of the Phantom Heavy Metal20123.5Sargon the Terrible2012-10-03
 Pharao  Road to Nowhere Heavy Metal20103.75Lior "Steinmetal" Stein2011-01-09
 Pharaoh  After The Fire Power Metal20033.75Christian Renner2003-04-22
 Pharaoh  After The Fire Power Metal20033.75Larry Griffin2008-06-09
 Pharaoh  Be Gone Power Metal20085Larry Griffin2009-01-05
 Pharaoh  Be Gone Power Metal20085Sargon the Terrible2008-03-19
 Pharaoh  Bury the Light Heavy/Power Metal20124.75Christopher Foley2012-03-16
 Pharaoh  Bury the Light Heavy/Power Metal20124.75MetalMike2012-02-28
 Pharaoh  Ten Years Heavy Metal20113.75MetalMike2011-06-22
 Pharaoh  Ten Years Heavy Metal20114Sargon the Terrible2011-06-17
 Pharaoh  The Longest Night Heavy Metal20065+Ivan the Bludgeon2006-03-08
 Pharaoh  The Longest Night Heavy Metal20064.5Sargon the Terrible2006-05-05
 Pharaoh  The Powers That Be Heavy Metal20214.25MetalMike2021-05-16
 Pharaoh  The Powers That Be Heavy Metal20214.25Sargon the Terrible2021-07-16
 Phazm  Antebellum Death 'n' Roll Death Metal20060Lars Christiansen2007-05-09
 Phazm  Hate At First Seed Doom/Death20044Chaossphere2005-04-03
 Phear  The Curse Lives On Heavy Metal20204Michel Renaud2020-03-08
 Phenix  Sacred Fire Heavy Metal20023.5Michel Renaud2002-07-24
 Phenix  Wings of Fire Heavy Metal20044.25Michel Renaud2004-10-12
 Pheretrum  Still Being Maggots Death/Thrash20153.5Luxi Lahtinen2016-06-13
 Phlegethon Animae  Chaos From Abyss Within Melodic Death Metal20052.5Sargon the Terrible2005-11-08
 Phobocosm  Foreordained Death Metal20234Sargon the Terrible2023-12-11
 Phobos Monolith  When the Light Will Fade Melodic Death Metal20204.25Mjölnir2021-04-30
 Photophobia  Humana Fragilitas Black Metal20103Sargon the Terrible2012-02-19
 Phylactery  Necromancy Enthroned Death/Thrash20173.5Sargon the Terrible2017-12-24
 Piano Black  ...of Bygone Days Power Metal20203.75MetalMike2024-03-22
 Picture  Old Dogs New Tricks Heavy Metal20094Lior "Steinmetal" Stein2010-10-19
 Picture  Wings Heavy Metal20194Luxi Lahtinen2019-08-25
 Picture  Wings Heavy Metal20194MetalMike2019-11-17
 Piel de Serpiente  Inevitable Heavy Metal20111.5Sargon the Terrible2011-04-29
 Pile of Priests  Pile of Priests Death Metal20204Mjölnir2020-04-19
 Pilgrim  II: Void Worship Doom Metal20143.75Sargon the Terrible2014-07-03
 Pilgrim  Misery Wizard Doom Metal20124Christopher Foley2012-02-27
 Pilgrim  Misery Wizard Doom Metal20123.5MetalMike2012-04-02
 Pillorian  Obsidian Arc Black Metal20174Sargon the Terrible2017-04-01
 Pirana  Blood Zone Thrash Metal20204Luxi Lahtinen2021-06-02
 Pirana  Corruption Thrash Metal20124Luxi Lahtinen2013-02-07
 Piranha  First Kill Thrash Metal20193.5Luxi Lahtinen2019-09-28
 Pit Striker  Happy Thrash Friends Thrash Metal20244Michel Renaud2024-05-07
 Plaga Negra  Demo Heavy Metal20204.25Mjölnir2021-02-16
 Plague Angel  Raped by Lies Death Metal20083.5Michel Renaud2008-02-02
 Plague Angel  Stagnation of Christ Death Metal20103.5Sargon the Terrible2011-01-13
 Plague Angels  Reign in Terror Thrash Metal20133.5Luxi Lahtinen2013-11-03
 Plague Bearer  Summoning Apocalyptic Devastation Black/Death20234.5Mjölnir2023-05-02
 Plague Weaver  Ascendant Blasphemy Doom/Black20214.5Mjölnir2021-01-20
 Plague Weaver  Through the Sulphur Eyes Doom/Black20203.75Mjölnir2021-03-06
 Plague Years  Circle of Darkness Death/Thrash20203.5Sargon the Terrible2020-09-15
 Planeswalker  Tales of Magic Power Metal20224MetalMike2022-03-12
 Planet Alliance  Planet Alliance Melodic Heavy Metal20064Bruce Dragonchaser2008-09-23
 Planet Rain  The Fundamental Principles Melodic Death Metal20144Luxi Lahtinen2014-06-18
 Pleasure Slaves  The Last of the Giants Heavy Metal20122Bruce Dragonchaser2012-10-06
 Pleasure Slaves  The Last of the Giants Heavy Metal20122Sargon the Terrible2012-10-06
 Pleonexia  Virtute e canoscenza Power Metal20203.75MetalMike2020-05-25
 Pnuk  After Death Thrash Metal20203.75Luxi Lahtinen2021-02-17
 Pnuk  Goat Civilization Thrash Metal20233.75Luxi Lahtinen2023-03-27
 Poccolus  Ragana Black Metal20093.75Pagan Shadow2009-06-10
 Poema Arcanvs  Iconoclast Doom/Death20023Michel Renaud2002-11-01
 Poema Arcanvs  Stardust Solitude Doom/Death20202Sargon the Terrible2020-07-28
 Poema Arcanvs  Telluric Manifesto Doom/Death20063.5Sargon the Terrible2006-04-01
 Pohjast  Der Turm Black Metal20122.75Memnarch2012-02-26
 Poison  Into the Abyss Death/Thrash19933.25Hermer Arroyo2009-08-19
 Poison Blood  Poison Blood Black Metal20174Michel Renaud2018-05-11
 Poison Sun  Virtual Sin Melodic Heavy Metal20102.75Bruce Dragonchaser2010-12-07
 Poisonblack  Escapexstacy Gothic Metal20033.25Christian Renner2003-02-21
 Poisonblack  Lust Stained Despair Gothic Metal20064Christian Renner2006-11-20
 Poisonblack  Of Rust And Bones Gothic Metal20104.25Lior "Steinmetal" Stein2010-09-09
 Pokerface  Game On Thrash Metal20174.25Luxi Lahtinen2017-11-26
 Pokerface  Game On Thrash Metal20173.75MetalMike2017-11-18
 Polarized  Western Hypnosis Heavy/Thrash20153.75Luxi Lahtinen2015-12-19
 Polarys  The Va'adian Chronicles Power Metal20133.25Christopher Foley2013-12-17
 Pollution  Modern Warfare Thrash Metal20103.25MetalMike2011-09-22
 Pollution  Modern Warfare Thrash Metal20103Michel Renaud2012-02-25
 Poltergeist  Feather of Truth Thrash Metal20204Michel Renaud2020-07-17
 Poltergeist  The Demos Thrash Metal20223.25Michel Renaud2022-02-24
 Portrait  At One with None Heavy Metal20214.5MetalMike2021-09-16
 Portrait  Burn the World Heavy Metal20173.25Michel Renaud2018-02-17
 Portrait  Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae Heavy Metal20114Michel Renaud2011-10-06
 Portrait  Portrait Heavy Metal20084.5Hermer Arroyo2009-02-17
 Portrait  The Murder of All Things Righteous Heavy Metal20102.75MetalMike2010-03-13
 Poseidons Anger  Anger of the Gods Heavy Metal20074Michel Renaud2007-09-03
 Poseidons Anger  Attila, the Hun Heavy Metal20073.25Michel Renaud2008-02-03
 Poseidons Anger  Tales from Near and Far Heavy/Power Metal20173.25Michel Renaud2018-11-15
 Poseidons Anger  War of the Gods Heavy Metal20084Michel Renaud2008-08-18
 Possessed  Beyond The Gates Death/Thrash19863.5Sargon the Terrible2005-09-20
 Possessed  Revelations of Oblivion Death/Thrash20194.25Bruno Medeiros2019-05-18
 Possessed  Revelations of Oblivion Death/Thrash20194MetalMike2019-06-14
 Possessed  Revelations of Oblivion Death/Thrash20194.5Sargon the Terrible2019-06-03
 Possessed  Seven Churches Thrash Metal19985Michel Renaud2001-07-10
 Possessed  The Eyes of Horror Death/Thrash19873.75Luxi Lahtinen2021-07-28
 Possessed Steel  Aedris Heavy Metal20204MetalMike2020-11-11
 Possessed Steel  Aedris Heavy Metal20204Sargon the Terrible2020-11-03
 Possession  1585-1646 Black/Death20153.25MetalMike2015-09-20
 Possession  Anneliese Black/Death20143.25MetalMike2014-07-26
 Possession  His Best Deceit Black/Thrash20133.5MetalMike2014-02-13
 Post Mortem  Message from the Dead Thrash Metal20094Sargon the Terrible2010-02-15
 Potential Threat SF  Civilization Under Threat Thrash Metal20133MetalMike2013-07-21
 Potential Threat SF  Threat to Society Thrash Metal20193Michel Renaud2020-10-08
 Pounder  Breaking the World Heavy Metal20213.75MetalMike2021-01-04
 Pounder  Faster than Fire Heavy Metal20183.75MetalMike2018-10-06
 Pounder  Faster than Fire Heavy Metal20184.25Michel Renaud2018-05-14
 Pounder  Uncivilized Heavy Metal20193.75MetalMike2019-05-15
 Poverty's No Crime  Save My Soul Progressive Metal20073.5PowerMetal592009-08-19
 Powar  Post War Thrash Metal20212.5Mjölnir2021-04-26
 Power Crue  Stay Heavy Heavy Metal19992.5Larry Griffin2009-04-04
 Power Crue  Wreck The Eternal Tyranny Heavy/Power Metal20123.75Christopher Foley2012-07-15
 Power from Hell  Devil's Whorehouse Black/Thrash20152.75MetalMike2016-05-01
 Power Paladin  With the Magic of Windfyre Steel Power Metal20224.25MetalMike2022-02-17
 Power Quest  Blood Alliance Power Metal20114.75Christopher Foley2011-04-10
 Power Quest  Blood Alliance Power Metal20113.5MetalMike2011-04-17
 Power Quest  Magic Never Dies Power Metal20054Bruce Dragonchaser2009-05-18
 Power Quest  Master of Illusion Power Metal20084Bruce Dragonchaser2008-03-25
 Power Quest  Neverworld Power Metal20034.5Bruce Dragonchaser2009-04-18
 Power Quest  Wings of Forever Power Metal20023Bruce Dragonchaser2009-03-17
 Power Symphony  Lightbringer Power Metal20003Michel Renaud2000-09-09
 Power Theory  An Axe to Grind Heavy Metal20123.5MetalMike2012-09-28
 Power Theory  Force of Will Heavy Metal20194.5Michel Renaud2019-11-15
 Power Theory  Out of the Ashes, Into the Fire Heavy Metal20113.5MetalMike2011-06-11
 Power Theory  Out of the Ashes, Into the Fire Heavy Metal20113.5Sargon the Terrible2011-05-02
 Power Theory  Something Old... Something New... Something F**king LIVE!!! From Europe Heavy Metal20174Michel Renaud2017-10-04
 Power Trip  Live in Seattle 05.28.2018 Thrash Metal20204.25Michel Renaud2020-06-21
 Power Trip  Opening Fire: 2008-2014 Thrash Metal20184Michel Renaud2018-09-28
 Powerdrive  Steel Roots Heavy/Power Metal20083.5Michel Renaud2008-12-02
 Powergame  Masquerade Power Metal20193.5MetalMike2019-04-10
 Powergame  Slaying Gods Heavy Metal20223.75MetalMike2022-04-14
 Powergod  Evilution - Part I Power Metal19994Bruno Medeiros2015-08-09
 Powerlord  The Awakening Power/Thrash20144.25MetalMike2014-12-09
 Powerstroke  In for a Penny, in for a Pound Thrash Metal20143.5Luxi Lahtinen2014-09-06
 Powertryp  Midnight Marauder Heavy Metal20224MetalMike2022-03-11
 Powerwolf  Blessed & Possessed Power Metal20153.75MetalMike2015-11-12
 Powerwolf  Blood of the Saints Power Metal20112Larry Griffin2011-11-20
 Powerwolf  Blood of the Saints Power Metal20114Michel Renaud2011-10-09
 Powerwolf  Lupus Dei Heavy Metal20074Sargon the Terrible2007-10-23
 Powerwolf  Preachers of the Night Power Metal20133.75MetalMike2014-02-01
 Powerwolf  The Sacrament of Sin Power Metal20184.25Bruno Medeiros2019-01-15
 Praetorius  Taste Death Heavy Metal20084.5Larry Griffin2009-03-07
 Praise the Flame  Profane Cult Death Metal20134.5Luxi Lahtinen2013-08-20
 Praise the Plague  Suffocating in the Current of Time Doom/Black20243.5Sargon the Terrible2024-02-06
 Prajna  Lost in the Void Speed Metal20112.5Sargon the Terrible2013-03-05
 Prayed and Betrayed  The Abundance of a Sickened Mind Death Metal20144MetalMike2015-03-17
 Prayers of Sanity  Religion Blindness Thrash Metal20093.75MetalMike2011-09-30
 Praying Mantis  Metalmorphosis Heavy Metal20113.75MetalMike2011-02-16
 Preach  Gasoline Veins Melodic Death Metal20153.5Luxi Lahtinen2015-04-30
 Prelude to Ruin  Ronin Ex Mortis Power Metal20214.75Mjölnir2022-03-12
 Preludium  Impending Hostility Death Metal20104Sargon the Terrible2011-04-10
 Premortal Breath  They Heavy Metal20143MetalMike2015-03-09
 Pressure  Heroes Will Fall Heavy Metal20232.75MetalMike2024-01-08
 Pressure  In a Dark Heart We Trust Heavy Metal20221MetalMike2022-08-30
 Pressure  Path of a Shadow Heavy Metal20212MetalMike2021-08-08
 Pressure Points  The Island Progressive Metal20234Luxi Lahtinen2023-05-13
 Pretty Maids  Future World Heavy Metal19874.54th Horseman2004-11-20
 Pretty Maids  Kingmaker Heavy Metal20164MetalMike2017-04-05
 Pretty Maids  Louder Than Ever Heavy Metal20143.5MetalMike2014-07-27
 Pretty Maids  Undress Your Madness Heavy Metal20194.5MetalMike2019-11-26
 Prey For Nothing  Violence Divine Melodic Death Metal20083Michel Renaud2008-09-26
 Primal  Deathzone Black Metal20114Sargon the Terrible2012-02-27
 Primal Dawn  Zealot Death/Black20083Pagan Shadow2008-09-21
 Primal Fear  16.6 (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead) Heavy Metal20092.75Sargon the Terrible2009-07-26
 Primal Fear  Apocalypse Heavy/Power Metal20184Bruno Medeiros2018-08-12
 Primal Fear  Apocalypse Heavy/Power Metal20183.5MetalMike2018-10-28
 Primal Fear  Apocalypse Heavy/Power Metal20184Michel Renaud2019-02-10
 Primal Fear  Black Sun Heavy Metal20025Christian Renner2002-04-10
 Primal Fear  Code Red Heavy Metal20233.75MetalMike2023-12-06
 Primal Fear  Code Red Heavy Metal20233.75Michel Renaud2023-08-28
 Primal Fear  Code Red Heavy Metal20234.25Sargon the Terrible2023-08-21
 Primal Fear  Delivering the Black Heavy Metal20144MetalMike2014-04-25
 Primal Fear  Delivering the Black Heavy Metal20144Sargon the Terrible2014-02-12
 Primal Fear  Devil's Ground Heavy Metal20044.75Sargon the Terrible2004-12-09
 Primal Fear  I Will Be Gone Power Metal20212.75Michel Renaud2021-04-21
 Primal Fear  Metal Commando Power Metal20203.5Bruno Medeiros2020-08-17
 Primal Fear  Metal Commando Power Metal20204.25MetalMike2020-08-25
 Primal Fear  Metal Commando Power Metal20204Michel Renaud2020-07-01
 Primal Fear  New Religion Heavy Metal20073Sargon the Terrible2007-11-11
 Primal Fear  Nuclear Fire Heavy Metal20014Christian Renner2001-04-24
 Primal Fear  Nuclear Fire Heavy Metal20014.5Michel Renaud2000-12-14
 Primal Fear  Primal Fear Power Metal19983.75MetalMike2021-03-08
 Primal Fear  Rulebreaker Power Metal20164MetalMike2016-02-27
 Primal Fear  Seven Seals Heavy Metal20054.5Christian Renner2006-02-09
 Primal Fear  Seven Seals Heavy Metal20055Ivan the Bludgeon2006-01-16
 Primal Fear  Seven Seals Heavy Metal20053.5Sargon the Terrible2006-05-09
 Primal Fear  The History Of Fear 20034.25Michel Renaud2004-02-03
 Primal Fear  The History Of Fear 20034Pierre Bégin2004-03-05
 Primal Fear  Unbreakable Power Metal20124.25Christopher Foley2012-02-19
 Prime Creation  Tears of Rage Heavy Metal20193.75MetalMike2019-11-08
 Primeval Realm  Primordial Light Doom Metal20144.25MetalMike2014-06-23
 Primitai  The Line of Fire Melodic Heavy Metal20102.5Bruce Dragonchaser2010-09-28
 Primitivo  World Out of Balance Death/Thrash20122.75Luxi Lahtinen2016-02-14
 Primordial  Exile Amongst the Ruins Pagan Metal20184.25Michel Renaud2021-06-10
 Primordial  Exile Amongst the Ruins Pagan Metal20184Sargon the Terrible2018-05-22
 Primordial  How It Ends Pagan Metal20233MetalMike2023-09-30
 Primordial  How It Ends Pagan Metal20234.25Sargon the Terrible2023-10-03
 Primordial  Imrama Black Metal20093.25Christopher Foley2009-04-14
 Primordial  Redemption at the Puritan's Hand Folk Metal20114Adam Kohrman2011-05-12
 Primordial  Redemption at the Puritan's Hand Folk Metal20114.75Adam McAuley2011-05-08
 Primordial  Redemption at the Puritan's Hand Folk Metal20114.25Sargon the Terrible2011-07-24
 Primordial  Spirit The Earth Aflame Pagan Metal20005Sargon the Terrible2009-04-02
 Primordial  Storm Before Calm Pagan Metal20024Sargon the Terrible2008-01-24
 Primordial  The Gathering Wilderness Epic Folk Metal20055+Sargon the Terrible2006-11-02
 Primordial  To The Nameless Dead Folk Metal20075Lars Christiansen2007-10-19
 Primordial  To The Nameless Dead Folk Metal20075+Sargon the Terrible2008-01-02
 Primordial  Where Greater Men Have Fallen Pagan Metal20143MetalMike2014-12-03
 Primordial  Where Greater Men Have Fallen Pagan Metal20144.5Sargon the Terrible2014-11-30
 Primordial Rigor Mortis  Primordial Rigor Mortis Death Metal20174Luxi Lahtinen2017-12-16
 Principality of Hell  Fire & Brimstone Black/Thrash20144MetalMike2014-12-11
 Principality of Hell  Sulfur & Bane Black/Thrash20163.75MetalMike2017-02-04
 Pro-Pain  Run For Cover Thrash Metal20034.75Christian Renner2003-08-01
 Probot  Probot Unclassifiable200414th Horseman2004-03-05
 Procession  Destroyers of the Faith Doom Metal20102Adam Kohrman2010-10-14
 Procession  Destroyers of the Faith Doom Metal20104.75Sargon the Terrible2010-12-17
 Procession  Doom Decimation Doom Metal20173.75Sargon the Terrible2018-06-25
 Procession  The Cult of Disease Doom Metal20114MetalMike2011-05-25
 Procession  The Cult of Disease Doom Metal20114Sargon the Terrible2011-05-03
 Procession  To Reap Heavens Apart Doom Metal20134MetalMike2013-04-07
 Proclamation  Advent of the Black Omen Black/Death20203.5Michel Renaud2020-11-11
 Proclamation  Messiah of Darkness and Impurity Black/Death20203.75Michel Renaud2020-11-27
 Prodigal Earth  Zenith II Zero Power Metal20092.5Bruce Dragonchaser2009-07-21
 Profanal  Supreme Fire Death Metal20163.25Michel Renaud2017-08-23
 Profanatica  Altar of the Virgin Whore Black Metal20184Michel Renaud2020-07-18
 Profanatica  Disgusting Blasphemies Against God Black Metal20102Bruce Dragonchaser2010-09-23
 Profanatica  Rotting Incarnation of God Black Metal20194Michel Renaud2020-08-02
 Profanation  Skull Crushing Violence Death Metal20244Michel Renaud2024-04-05
 Profane Order  Tightened Noose of Sanctimony Black/Death20184.25Michel Renaud2021-08-09
 Professor Black  Sunrise Viking Metal20184MetalMike2018-11-11
 Professor Black  You Bastard! Heavy Metal20183.75Michel Renaud2020-11-05
 Profetus  As All Seasons Die Funeral Doom20143.5Luxi Lahtinen2014-09-04
 Prognan  Follow the Blind Black Metal20093Bruce Dragonchaser2010-10-26
 Project: Failing Flesh  A Beautiful Sickness Death Metal20032.5Sargon the Terrible2003-06-12
 Project: Roenwolfe  Edge of Saturn Power Metal20213.75Mjölnir2022-09-21
 Project: Roenwolfe  Edge of Saturn Power Metal20213.5Sargon the Terrible2021-08-17
 Project: Roenwolfe  Project: Roenwolfe Power/Thrash20234.25Mjölnir2023-06-15
 Projector  Between the Nature and Ego Melodic Death Metal20151.5Luxi Lahtinen2018-03-23
 Prometheus  Resonant Echoes from Cosmos of Old Black Metal20204.25Michel Renaud2020-11-21
 Promiscuity  Basic Instinct Black Metal20133.5Christopher Foley2013-12-04
 Promiscuity  Basic Instinct Black Metal20133.75MetalMike2014-03-21
 Prophecy  Legions of Violence Thrash Metal20113MetalMike2011-09-17
 Prophecy  Nostradamus 1999 Thrash Metal19993.5Michel Renaud1999-11-28
 Prophecy (Denmark)  Twisted Reality Thrash Metal20183MetalMike2023-07-08
 Prophecy (USA)  Our Domain Death Metal20022Scott Murray2003-02-20
 Prosanctus Inferi  Pandemonic Ululations of Vesperic Palpitations Black/Death20103Sargon the Terrible2010-07-03
 Proscriptor McGovern's Apsû  Proscriptor McGovern's Apsû Black/Thrash20214.25Sargon the Terrible2022-01-06
 Prospekt  The Colourless Sunrise Progressive Metal20133.75MetalMike2014-01-19
 Protean Shield  Protean Shield Heavy Metal20233.5MetalMike2023-09-28
 Protector  A Shedding of Skin Death/Thrash20204Luxi Lahtinen2021-11-20
 Protector  Excessive Outburst of Depravity Death/Thrash20224MetalMike2022-07-18
 Protector  Excessive Outburst of Depravity Death/Thrash20224Michel Renaud2022-06-22
 Protector  Reanimated Homunculus Death/Thrash20134MetalMike2014-04-10
 Protector  Summon the Hordes Death/Thrash20193.75MetalMike2019-07-29
 Protokult  Ancestral Anthems Black Metal20104Sargon the Terrible2010-08-28
 Protokult  Marzena Folk Metal20112.5Sargon the Terrible2012-03-31
 Protokult  No Beer in Heaven Pagan Metal20141.5MetalMike2014-10-02
 Provectus  Postero Mundi Black Metal20223Sargon the Terrible2022-08-20
 Prydain  The Gates of Aramore Power Metal20233.75MetalMike2023-05-27
 Psalm  Manifest Death/Black20083.5Michel Renaud2008-07-20
 Pseudogod  Deathwomb Catechesis Black/Death20122.5Luxi Lahtinen2012-05-04
 Pseudogod  Sepulchral Chants Black Metal20183.75Michel Renaud2021-08-05
 Psicorragia  Satira Macabre Doom/Death20121Sargon the Terrible2013-04-17
 Psilocybe Larvae  Non-Existence Melodic Death Metal20084.25Lior "Steinmetal" Stein2010-07-28
 Psilocybe Larvae  Non-Existence Melodic Death Metal20083.25Sargon the Terrible2010-07-04
 Psychema  The Entry Point Progressive Metal20123.5Luxi Lahtinen2012-12-03
 Psychework  Spark of Hope Heavy Metal20234.5Luxi Lahtinen2023-10-05
 Psychework  The Dragon's Year Heavy Metal20164.25Luxi Lahtinen2016-05-30
 Psycho  Pain Addict Pigs Black/Death20113Michel Renaud2011-01-29
 Psychomanthium  Blueprint For Murder Thrash Metal20081.5Sargon the Terrible2009-01-11
 Psychopathic Terror  4: You Shall Not Destroy Death Metal20132.5Luxi Lahtinen2013-07-01
 Psychotic Waltz  Into the Everflow Progressive Metal19934.5Adam McAuley2011-02-14
 Psycroptic  Ob(Servant) Death Metal20083Mike Henn2009-01-09
 Psycroptic  The Inherited Repression Death Metal20123.5Christopher Foley2012-03-04
 Psykotribe  The Devil's Complex Death/Thrash20203.25Mjölnir2020-02-14
 Pulver  Kings Under the Sand Heavy Metal20193.5MetalMike2019-09-02
 Pulverazor  Swamp Demon Stomp Heavy Metal20213.5Mjölnir2021-06-15
 Pure Evil  Chapter III: Dedication Death Metal20103.75Nahsil2010-04-12
 Purest  Renascence Black Metal20083.75Bruce Dragonchaser2010-10-16
 Purgation  Realm Of The Dead Doom Metal20003.5Michel Renaud2002-01-25
 Purnama  Lioness Death Metal20204Sargon the Terrible2020-11-10
 Puro Odio  Demo 2018 Black/Thrash20204.25Michel Renaud2020-12-30
 Pursuing the End  Withering Gothic Metal20123MetalMike2012-12-27
 Purtenance  ...To Spread the Flame of Ancients Death Metal20154.25Luxi Lahtinen2016-03-23
 Purtenance  Buried Incarnation Death Metal20204.25Luxi Lahtinen2020-11-02
 Purtenance  The Rot Within Us Doom/Death20234Luxi Lahtinen2024-01-23
 Purulency  Transcendent Unveiling of Dimensions Death Metal20244Luxi Lahtinen2024-01-13
 Pus Lactation  A Cage for the Brain Death Metal20142.5Luxi Lahtinen2015-05-20
 Pustilence  Beliefs of Dead Stargazers and Soothsayers Death Metal20234.25Sargon the Terrible2023-03-27
 Putrefied  Gore-ific Death Metal20083.75Adam McAuley2010-09-16
 Putrefy  Putrefy Death Metal20061.75Lars Christiansen2007-03-24
 Putrevore/Putrefact  Funebre Plague into Darkness Death Metal20133.5Luxi Lahtinen2014-03-30
 Putrid  Antichrist Above Black/Death20203.75Luxi Lahtinen2020-05-21
 Putrid Evocation  Blackness Enshroud Death Metal20133.5Luxi Lahtinen2013-09-01
 Putrid Invokatiön  Ninety Seconds to Midnight Black Metal20232.75Luxi Lahtinen2023-05-30
 Putridity  Greedy Gory Gluttony Death Metal20233.75Michel Renaud2023-05-14
 Putrisect  Cascading Inferno Death Metal20184Michel Renaud2018-10-02
 Pyoveli  Not a God, Just an Executioner Black/Thrash20113.75Sargon the Terrible2012-01-13
 Pyramaze  Bloodlines Power Metal20233.25MetalMike2023-07-07
 Pyramaze  Contingent Power Metal20173.75Sargon the Terrible2017-06-21
 Pyramaze  Disciples of the Sun Power Metal20153.75Bruno Medeiros2015-08-01
 Pyramaze  Disciples of the Sun Power Metal20154Sargon the Terrible2015-10-29
 Pyramaze  Epitaph Power Metal20203MetalMike2021-01-23
 Pyramaze  Immortal Progressive Power Metal20082.25Larry Griffin2008-06-21
 Pyramaze  Immortal Progressive Power Metal20084.5Sargon the Terrible2008-05-15
 Pyramaze  Legend of the Bone Carver Progressive Metal20064.75Christopher Foley2009-05-22
 Pyramaze  Legend of the Bone Carver Progressive Metal20064.5Sargon the Terrible2007-06-08
 Pyramaze  Melancholy Beast Progressive Power Metal20044.25Joseph Allen2011-01-27
 Pyramid  Validity Progressive Metal20213MetalMike2022-09-27
 Pyramid  Validity Progressive Metal20211.5Mjölnir2022-06-02
 Pyramid  Validity Progressive Metal20214Pantelis Kavouklis2022-06-06
 Pyramido  Salt Doom Metal20114MetalMike2011-08-07
 Pyre of Hypocrisy  Altar of Burning Chaos Death Metal20213.5Luxi Lahtinen2021-12-16
 Pyrexia  Sermon of Mockery Death Metal19934.5Lars Christiansen2007-02-07
 Pyromancer  Demo MMXV Black/Death20163.25Luxi Lahtinen2016-10-02
 Pyrrhon  An Excellent Servant but a Terrible Master Death Metal20114Christopher Foley2011-04-27
 Pyrrhon  Fever Kingdoms Death Metal20104Christopher Foley2010-10-20
 Pythia  The Solace of Ancient Earth Power Metal20194Sargon the Terrible2019-08-14

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