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Sargon the Terrible
Name: Paul Batteiger
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States of America
Age: 52
Languages spoken: English
Day job: Debt Collector
Instruments/bands: None. I once took voice for four years, but I'm so rusty now it's not funny.
Hobbies: Fiction writing, snake keeping, tabletop RPGs, sword and knife-making, making fun of bad movies.
Into metal since: 1987
Joined The Metal Crypt: February 2003
Number of reviews: 3452
Number of interviews: 44
Number of editorials: 12
Favourite Genres: I can't pick, I love all kinds of real metal.
Dislikes: Poser wanna-be shit like stoner, drone, and sludge
About Sargon the Terrible:

I got into metal in High School, and was immediately drawn to the most underground music I could find. I despise commercialism and sellout-ism with a passion. I lost track of metal in the 90s just like everybody did, but then I discovered the Internet, and I was born metal again. I live with a wife, cats, and more snakes than is probably sane. I listen to metal pretty much all day, from morning to night, and I once walked from a job because they made me stop. I am always on the prowl for new bands and new sounds, the more arcane and underground the better. My CD collection is pretty huge, and I hope to make it ridiculous someday.

The name 'Sargon The Terrible' comes from a black snake I had who was the meanest, nastiest, stinkiest snake I have ever owned. I needed a nom du metal and it just popped into my head. Now more people probably know me as 'Sargon' than by my real name, which is fine with me.

Fast Ships, Black Sails

A swashbuckling, smoke-eating, bloody good pirate anthology from some of the best names in fantasy fiction, including me.


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